Simeone Automotive Foundation Museum Best of Britain show - transport

Bill Hoffner

On the subject of transport to and from Simeone, I learned that as a Hagerty Driver’s Club member I also have free flatbed towing for up to 100 miles per year. I may avail myself of that, but would still prefer enclosed transport. I’m going to continue research transportation, but at least thought if there are other Hagerty members out there you’d like to know, as well.

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Sent: Friday, December 02, 2022 11:31 AM
Subject: [PhillyMGClub] Simeone Automotive Foundation Museum Best of Britain show


My 1977 MG Midget was chosen (after I submitted it) to part be part of the “Best of Britain” at the  Simeone Automotive Foundation Museum.

I submitted it after seeing it being promoted on the Philadelphia MG Car Club Facebook page.

As of current date, the show will be Saturday, February 11th to Sunday, February 19th, 2023.

It sounds corny, but I am truly honored to be representing the MG brand, the Midget model, the rubber bumper years, the Midget and Sprite Club of UK and the Philadelphia MG Car Club…. within the walls of the Simeone Automotive Foundation Museum.


As of now, I plan to get the car there (32 miles away) either by just driving it or uhauling it to and from the museum.

I am just worried about the time of the year, road conditions and salt.

Should I even consider paying someone to transport it? Even though the car is in great condition, priceless to me, it is a rubber bumper Midget an worth 7$ to 9$ thousand on a good day.





Are any other Philadelphia MG Car Club members/cars part of the show?


Ken Samen