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They both serve purposes, but the Yahoo group has never been used up to it’s full potential.  It is far more than an email list.


The “e-mail list" is not really an email list at all.

Its is a Yahoo Group.

All of you who receive the emails are actually members of that group.

You have the option of receiving individual emails, daily digests, periodic summaries, or even no messages at all (read on the Yahoo groups website).

All you are doing is replying to Philly_MG_Club@....  This forwards the email to all 70 members of the Yahoo group.

It is simply another mechanism to interact.

You can actually do exactly the same thing on Facebook (turn ion notifications for the MG group on Facebook - to email you), but not in an as elegant manner as Yahoo allows you to.

For this off you who have never seen the Yahoo page, here are some screenshots.  

We have areas for files, calendars, pictures, (there are many up there already), and other features.

Just in case anyone cared… 



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Thanks, Kristi.  There's no reason we can't do FB and email.  

Rich Storm

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Hi all,

When I created the PMGC Facebook page back in 2012 no one, including myself, realized there was truly a “right” and a “wrong” way to set up a group page. When I created it I set it up as a page that had to be liked because at the time I had read that there were limitations to how big your group could be when you set up a group page. I did not want to potentially have issues later because I had hoped that the page would be well liked and therefore I did not want to limit the amount of “followers” we could have. I, never in my wildest dreams, thought that almost 4 years later I would be finding out that our page was not user-friendly.  

So in order to “fix” this non-user friendly problem I created a closed group on Facebook for the club. Here is the link (I hope) Currently I am the only moderator but I would be happy to have other volunteers to help moderate the page. If you liked the old page, please check out the new page and request to join the group. I will be closing down the old page soon.

There is one very important thing to remember in all of this - please don’t forget that not everyone has FB so if there is something (an event, a death, a birth, a marriage, etc) that you want to share with the entire club - send a email through this email list. This way you are sharing with the entire club and not just the smaller group on FB.

In the end - we are all here because we have a connection with our cars. We have created many friendships over the years. Let’s not forget that!!

Safety Fast,


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You can also add Calendar items (so I don't have to do it all the time ;-)

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