Radnor Concours September 12

mgb1965brg <rjw@...>

I have gone to the Radnor concours over the past couple of years, and found it to be a spectacular event.

For those of you who have never attended, you will see amazing cars like you have never seen before. There are many "one-of-a-kind" cars in attendance. There are all brands and a heavy selection of european cars. My personal favorites lean toward the Aston Martin DB series. I strongly suggested that a couple of our members entered their MG's - we could easily show them off at the event - a couple of MGA's come to mind! Yes, there are MG's of EVERY model on display.

Anyway, I know that in the past there was "Club parking" Has anyone (STEVE) received that club parking flyer so I (and others) can park in that lot?

The club lot is nice because it allows us to park close to the doors, and shows off our cars. It may be a great event to promote Brits at the Village.


September 12