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I love my car!  It is a 2002 red convertible Corvette with a black top.  What’s not to love?  Everything was great about the car except one thing, the top.  I could clean, shine and polish the car until it sparkled so much you could hardly look at it in the sun! Then, when I put the top up, it looked like worn out tennis shoes with a Tux! You see, the sun had killed the original “bright” black colour much like your favourite shirt that has been washed too many times. It was dull and drab looking!

“No Problem” I said, “I’ll just get something to fix this problem”! I checked everywhere locally even upholstery shops and detail shops, nothing but cleaners for cloth tops. I checked the Internet over and over again and although people like RaggTop, ArmorAll, Meguiars, Mothers, 303 etc. made cleaner , I tried them all with the same result, DULL and DRAB looking top! It was clean but nobody could restore the colour lost to oxidization!

Finally, a glimmer of hope from the Internet. I discovered a company in the UK that claimed to have a product which would re-colour or even change the colour of expensive cloth tops to “like new” condition! They even had testimonials from people like Porsche 911, BMW World, Volkswagen, SAAB, Good Housekeeping and more!

The stuff was more expensive than usual but it was the “ONLY’ product on the planet making this claim! And, what’s expensive when it comes to “ pride of ownership” anyway, really?  I ordered a kit. It finally arrived 33 agonizing days later and cost $75.00 in shipping charges alone, but I was pumped!

I took it right out to the “vette” to get started. I looked at the kit and then at the “vette” about 15 times before deciding , “Nope , I’m not gonna do it “ ! What if - - - - - - - -? In spite of being this anal, I got a brilliant idea!

I went to an auto wrecker and bought a couple of old convertible tops that were WAY worse than mine. I took them home, laid them out on the lawn and tried out the “stuff” on them to see what would happen!  I only did half of each top (see the website picture) to see if there would be a difference. What a TOTAL and COMPLETE transformation! The “done” sides were gorgeous and brilliantly black like new tops! I took the tops and rumpled, scraped, wrung and rubbed them to see if the stuff would maybe just flake off or something.  It didn’t, it was a true dye that had penetrated the fabric itself.

Now I was completely stoked but I had used all the stuff up so I had to order more stuff. Another 35 aggravating days went by and another $75.00 shipping charge but my new kit finally showed up. I have to tell you, I was skeptical all over again but after looking at the old tops yet again, I took the plunge and, DID the Corvette!

Man! !  What a relief and what excitement followed!  My dull greyish/black top was now sharp and black and water beaded off just like they said!  Who knew you had to re-waterproof convertible tops?  Not me, but what a huge difference!  OH, OH, I got some of the stuff on my paint!  NO PROBLEM, all this stuff is water based and just wiped right off! Not a mark!

THE STORY IS NOT OVER.  While waiting for the unbearable 4 to 5  week deliveries, I had been contacting the manufacturer and complaining about the shipping time and the ridiculous shipping charges. I guess I complained more than most and they finally contacted me one day. They indicated that they did not have a North American distributor and that maybe I should do it and stop the complaining that they were receiving from me and others as well.

So - - - - I did it! I then also discovered two other miracle products that they had.  One is a similar kit that totally restores brilliance to VINYL tops and seats in cars and boats!  The other product is one that effortlessly clears up foggy, opaque plastic windows in convertibles and boats etc.  In fact, this Plastic Window Polish is SO GOOD that is it used in the European aviation industry on aircraft windscreens and has been written up by Good House Keeping!

The long and the short of this story is that this is not an untried “Johnny Come Lately” product line. It has a very successful 15 year track record in Europe and has been “vetted” by well known respected Auto editors, dealers and enthusiasts everywhere.

That is the end of this miraculous and true story. The original manufacturer’s website that I found is and the new North American website is . We can and will answer any questions you may have and have made buying simple through PayPal. The best part, for me at least is, IMMEDIATE SHIPPING anywhere!


Bob Weisbrodt

North American Distributor for Renovo

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