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Rich Williamson

Your solution is simple for not having your next battery drain.  

I have a clock and my iPod even charges until it is full.

This is what I use.  

Even if I haven’t started the car in some time (during the winter) and have to crank it over quite a bit, there is always enough juice to get it going.

I use this one: 

Even the junior model would work on this.

Install the quick disconnect, it makes life easier.

I heard yah leaving a battery on concrete will drain the battery… i am pretty sure it is an old wife’s tale, but perhaps not.


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Does anyone have a recommendation for a new battery for my 1978 B?

My old battery is about 4 years old. I had to recharge it this winter after letting it sit for a couple weeks.  Previously it would hold it charge for several winter weeks and start the car without a problem.

I don't have a battery disconnect switch and the with clock and radio memory draws something like 30 milliamps just sitting.



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