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I plan to lead a group Monday. We will stop at a micro brewery for lunch on the way leaving around 9 from Harleysville and picking up people as we go.113 to 422 to 100 to 23 to 222 to 283 etc. It will take aboit 4 hours or so.

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Anyone thinking of camping? 


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Have been a little behind the curve this winter and missed a calendar-full of "GT's".
I have not seen (i.e. read) much about PMGC and MG 2018.
Mary and I have been hoping to attend in June, but still need to make all of the arrangements.  
I'm 100% sure we have a contingent heading out to Gettysburg, can somebody bring me up
to speed on caravan plans to Gettysburg, hotel and any other little details that have been 
discussed among the Club?  Now that my ski season is coming to an end, we can start 
making plans for our next schedule of commitments. 
Thanks in advance, all and any info is welcome.
Jeff and Mary Detwiler

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