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Rich Williamson


I know many people just say “drive it”, however we all know that isn’t always possible.

I personally like to start the car every 10-14 days, and drive around the block after letting it warm up IF I CAN.

However, that is not always possible.

I swear by them.  

When I rode bikes, I used to use them on my motorcycles in the off season. 

I still use one on my tractor, and I have one for my MGB.

They “analyze, charge, and float / maintain” your battery versus simply plugging it in and possibly damaging or boiling your battery over by over-charging. 

The nice thing is (at least in a 1965 B) is that you can attach the “quick connect” to the battery, and sneak the cable out of the battery compartment lid.  

You can then hide the connector under the back shelf carpet, and only pull it out when you plug in.  

I think they all come with quick connectors, and if they don’t they are worth buying, since you don’t have to take the cover off the battery compartment every time you want to connect.

I find that if it is snowy out and I know it will be a couple of weeks before I drive again, I simply plug it in.

It makes it so much less stressful, when I hear the starter motor spin easily and quickly without a slowing due to low battery charge.  The car starts nicely, and I have no stress.

Sometimes your car can sit for a while and may need a couple of cranks / turnover before it starts.  This way, my battery is up for the challenge.

I hope this helps.


PS. Sta-bil in the gas tank in the winter helps too.

On Nov 19, 2015, at 8:17 PM, nsp7919@... [Philly_MG_Club] <Philly_MG_Club@...> wrote:

Thanks for George and his wiring efforts, my MGB is back on theroad.

Unfortunately the ever rapidly shorter sunsets do not give meenough 

time to go tooling around town after work to exercise the car veryoften. 

Weekends are somewhat in conflict with other commitments not fitfor 

such a little ride, so too many lost daylight hours there too.

Soon enough the Winter and Salt Gods will simply hide the carinside

until the Groundhog says it’s safe for my “B” to see its own shadowagain.


So, can anybody suggest a good, reliable or proven winner for aBattery/Trickle 

Charger they have used or have had good success with keeping theirhibernating 

batteries healthy over the low usage months?  Any suggestionsas to how often

sitting batteries should be hooked up and charged or are thereother tricks to 

keeping the battery juiced up during the cold months?


Thanks for your help and advice,

Jeff Detwiler ’78 MGB

Rich Williamson

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