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Aren’t we doing a BBQ as well?? So there will be a little of both, with the BBQ catered. Right??


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Rich, et al:
Preferably bring it (already made) in a crock pot. I will officiate the taste testing and the participants will decide the winner.

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What is the procedure for the chile cook-off?

Do I make it at home and bring it over?

Do you have facilities for heating it up?

Anyone think of corn-bread (Tracey said she would make some) or crusty bread?

Sour cream / hot peppers / grated cheese?

Or is it now a BBQ?

I think it is highly likely that Tracey and I will be attending.



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Dear Club Members,

Next Saturday (the 22nd) we will have our Second Annual Club Picnic at the Prez's house [104 Valley View Road, East Norriton, PA 19401-1844] starting at 12 noon. It will be catered again this year by Dickey's BBQ. I will be giving them a head count on Monday, so if you plan to attend I most know by then. It will be $10 per person and you will need to bring your own beverages and lawn chairs; there will be ice to keep your beverages cool. The Club tent will be up for shade. Hope you can make it to the Picnic.

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