Girl Scout Cookie Time

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Hi everyone,

It is that time of year again - Girl Scout Cookie Time. If you don't have a Girl Scout in your life that is selling cookies and you are just craving those delicious little things I can hopefully help you. Wynter is currently selling them for her troop and would love to help you with your craving for the cookies.

If you would like to order cookies - Wynter will be at the February GT with cookies and her order form. If you want to ensure you get the cookies that you want you can send me an email and then pick them up at the GT. If you cannot make the Feb GT and would still like to order please just send me an email to kristi74midget@... with your order. I will work with you on how to get them to you.

Wynter thanks you all in advance for your help in reaching her goal and helping out a wonderful cause, which is the Girl Scouts.



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