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I will plan to help stuff goodie bags on Saturday..... Lil won't be attending as she is caring for her dad this weekend and also the weekend of our show.....

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Sorry, I meant pick up...

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I, actually Linda, found a MG2008 lunch bag.
If you still want it, you can have it.
Except for a little dust, it's like brand new.


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We are again putting together 200 goody bags together for the car show. It will be this weekend at 3 pm in West Chester at Glenn Davis's office if you are interested in helping. We plan to go to dinner afterwards at a local place...Kildare's (Spelling?)
If you can do that let me know and we will get you the address.
Karen Schulte

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I am up for helping on the day and could possibly do other support before, just let me know what's needed

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Hi everyone,

I hope that this email finds everyone doing well and enjoying the amazing weather we have had all summer. I wanted to just take a couple of minutes to

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