Follow up to - Anyone know where I can get tires mounted?

Rich Williamson

Follow up to the wire wheel / tube situation.

I talked to Pete Cosmides about the situation, and he asked me if the tubes had been changed with the tires  when I went to Creamery Tire.  I hadn’t heard anything about tubes being changed for new ones, and did not see it on the invoice from Creamery Tire. My guess is that Creamerey just put new tires on and re-used the old tubes.  The tubes were probably scuffed or slightly damaged during the removal and reinsertion process, and this is why two of them had already failed.

SO… on Nils’s recommendation I went to Tire City in Bristol.

What a great place.

Richie, one of the owners was great.  He paid personal attention to what was going on with my car and supervised his employees throughout the job.

They took quite a while to do the work, but I know this was because they were being really careful with the job.  

They were polite (mechanics too) and asked me questions to make sure I would be happy.

I noticed lots of family pictures on the walls (this business was founded by his father, and now run by his generation).

In one of the pictures I spotted an MG TD with him and his father in it.

This got me asking him questions about the car.

I found out that he has had MG’s in his family all his life.  He also has an older MGB.

This is why he knew what he was doing and had all the correct5 tools like center hub attachments for the wheels.

I ended up getting all 5 tubes replaced in the car.  I figured this was good insurance, and since they knew what they were doing, I figured they would be put in properly thereby minimizing the chance of another blowout.

I got an invoice for $78 for taking the wheels off, putting new tubes in, balancing and re-installing.  I feel that was a really good price for what I got.

They are less than 5 minutes off of the Turnpike.  They are 36 minutes from my house, but worth the drive.

I HIGHLY suggest anyone looking for tires or tubes go check these guys out.  They are awesome!


Tire City
2917 Veterans Hwy
Bristol PA 19007

Rich Williamson

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