Wire wheels - Anyone know where I can get tires mounted?

Rich Williamson

I recently got a flat on my MG.  I have original 14 inch painted wire wheels.

A couple of months ago, I got new tires installed by Creamery Tire.  Two weeks after the install, I had a blowout at slow speed while out for the day.  I took the tire / wheel back to them and had it fixed.  I chalked this up to bad luck.

I now experienced a flat that occurred when I pulled out of my garage and onto the street (I do not know if it was flat before I started or went as I pulled out) and found I had a flat due to the way it drove.

This was an entirely different wheel / tube.

I don't necessarily think Creamery is bad, but I just wonder if going somewhere else would do the trick.

I live 5 minutes from the GT.  Is there anywhere close to me that can accommodate wire wheels?

As I understand it, they have to have an adaptor that will allow them to put the center hub (versus multiple bolts) on the machine.

I ordered the tube and a new rubber rim band from Moss, and it will arrive on Friday.

Please can anyone help me?



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