Re: Pool after Penny packer

James C. Witte

Sorry, I can’t make Pennypacker or the pool party. 


Have a good time,

Jim Witte

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This is a very casual event.


In the past, people have been hot from sitting / walking around at Pennypacker.


We have extended an invite to people to come over in the past.


Some years we had 50 plus people.


This year, we kind of forgot about this until the last minute.


So… Here's the deal;


Bring your swimsuit if you want to swim.  We will have drinks for people, and I am sure we will probably get hot dogs and burgers for the grill.  You don't need to bring chairs, we have plenty of them.


Music, socializing, performances by Steve, etc.


It does look like showers in the morning of the show, however it will clear up around 12ish.  We also have a huge covered spot on the patio, that works well if it rains.


Please let me know if you can make it… we don't care if only a couple of people come (I know of 4 so far), we aren't trying to have a huge party, just simply hanging out after the show.




We are literally 3 minutes from the GT location.


306 Whitemarsh Valley Road

Fort Washington, PA 19034





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