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OK, now I better understand you…

Creamery's mess up aside, I did not know that George stocked items like that at his shop… I will keep that in mind next time.

I was irritated with the whole situation and wanted it fixed quickly (it was going to be a beautiful weekend to drive), so I guess my impatience lead to me having them rush shipped.

Live and learn...

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So if I read this right. I took your wire wheels to Creamery tire with tires on them. Yes, Creamery then would be responsible to make sure the bands were placed correctly to prevent puncturing of the tube. My point was, you ordered new liners 2 day delivery. All you had to do was call George and I could have dropped them off. The blowout situation was unfortunate and lucky at the same time. I am glad you are ok!!!!!
When I restored my MGC back in 2004. I researched problems with wire wheels. Two glaring negative things came up. One was the amount of flex they have on cornering. Two was the same thing that happened to you. I chose to discard them and go with Minilite knockoffs. Just an fyi not to belabor your misfortune. We make choices about these cars based on what we like. Some people that have had wire wheels for the cars life will disagree wiith my choice. That is there previledge. That's what is so cool about this hobby.
Safety Fast,

Rich Williamson

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