Catching up

Rich Williamson

I haven't been too active this year due to some family issues.
I am wanting to start coming around again.

Tracey just told me that the Pennypacker event is this Saturday. Is that true?

For once, my car is not in good enough shape to put on the show field (my tachometer is in CA getting rebuilt - big hole in the dash).
However, I want to drive the MGB over and park in the regular lot.

What is the time of the event?

Are we doing a picnic or anything afterwards?

If not (I hadn't seen anything posted on the group), I know it's late, but everyone is welcome at our house again just like last year (swimming pool, bar, music, BBQ, etc.).

Since it is getting close to the weekend, call me on my cell phone Friday - 610-639-4166


Rich Williamson

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