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Roger Gindin <Rgindin@...>

If anybody is interested in this MGA, please email or call me at 215-870-0576. Roger Gindin
Roger Gindin

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Roger, attached are photos. Thanks again...tom

Additional Info: MGA 1500. Spoke wheels, whitewall tires, knockoffs. 68,000 miles. Great driver. Not a show car, looks great, some bodywork flaws. Well maintained. 1997 Engine rebuilt. Suspension and brakes redone. New exhaust. Moto-Lita steering wheel. Original owners manual. Owned by Grandfather (understand that he was second owner?), who built cars. I have had since 1996 following his passing. Garaged always. Driven regularly, but infrequently. No longer fits my/family's lifestyle...hate to sell.

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