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Rich Williamson

a good paint job was obtained by me via Whitemarsh collision (Lester got his done there too)

Of course it all depends on what you wnat to spend.

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Last summer, Mark Johnson recommended Bill Snyder of Conshohocken Collision after a parking valet t-boned a Nissan Ultima with our roadster. Bill did a good job with the body work and paint job; and he did the work in a reasonable time frame. Bill is also a Philly MG Club member. 1-610-825-4141

Also, thanks for the tip about the MGA on craigslist. We tried for it, but the owner didn't call us back. When we called again the next morning, she had a buyer inspecting the car while she took our call. I hope the lucky buyer was a fellow club member.


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So I was running some errands this afternoon in the midget.  Stopped off at staples, I am in their 2 minutes or less when over the PA "will the driver of an MG midget please come to the front"  CRAP!
 so some dumb A$$ in a pick up rather than backing out of the space and then turning  tries to do it all and whacks the rear driver side quarter panel  after smacking my mirror into the open window.  Its not that bad but i have a hand size dent and gouges the length of the panel down to the metal. I know i needed some rust bubble repair at the bottom of the panel so now i am confliced get the scratches and dents fixed by the guys insurance company and then get the metal work done and then have it all resprayed or just ask the guy for money to cover the respray and find a good local shop that will do a good job on the metal work?


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