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Detwiler, Jeffrey M <jeffrey.m.detwiler@...>

Jim and Karen,
Sorry, Mary and I will not be able to make the car show nor
your backyard soirée this weekend.  Thanks for the invite. 
Have a great weekend.  Keep COOL.....
Jeff and Mary Detwiler
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Hydraulic Systems Installation Lead
Boeing Defense & Space Group, Rotorcraft Division
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Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2010 4:21 PM
To: MG Club Philadelphia
Subject: [Philly_MG_Club] Club Party after Pennypacker


This is addressed to all club members that have not contacted Karen Schulte as to whether you and your significant other are attending our party on Saturday at 3pm.
Get her off my back please!!!!! Call her ASAP to let her know. Do you know what it's like to deal with some one that has to guess how many people are coming. Mainly because people don't have the energy to push a couple of buttons and say a few words like no or yes. I know it's hot out and the dog is barking and the baby needs the diapers changed and the bills need paying and on and on. Please call her at 215-256-4435 or else I'm going to call my cousin Nicky Polito (-;

James J Schulte

Jim Schulte
VP Lehigh Valley Kayak & Canoe Club
ACA Instructor

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