sticking tach

Rich Williamson

I have a 1965 MGB that has recently started having issues with the tach sticking in the 15-30 range.

I never did this before, and is a recent thing. (in the past it would occasionally not fall enough in the 10-15 rpm range while sitting at idle - same fix - tapping on the glass)   
I can tap it and it will rise or fall as needed.   
It also will rev right through this zone on 50% of the passes, but stick the other 50%

I tried adjusting the screws that hold the tach in place to see if anything was binding, but no fix.

I am pretty technically able (recently rebuilt my speedometer by myself), but haven't found any great technical info on what to do with a sticking tach.

Any suggestions short of sending it in for a rebuild?



Rich Williamson

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