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Does that mean we keep the cup?

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2 little Kings playing a game, 
they called a war and nobody came.

Well, we nearly had a Zor & Zam moment this morning. It was not quite that bad. It rained on us at the start at the Pathmark near the 412 and 378 intersection in Bethlehem. We had 5 MG's show up: Kristi & Lambert in Lambert's Midget (with Lambert driving and Kristi as navigator - a switch!), Ed Emery in his MGB with a friend, Jim Phillips in his MGB LE, Jim and Karen Schulte in their MGB, Don Scholl & his grandson in a BMW convertible (top up, of course), and Pete and Jane Lamb, in their MGB V8. We waited until 10:30 and realized that the DVT was a no show. So rather than waste all the effort Theresa, Steve and I put into planning the Rallye, we decided to put it in the bank for another day. We took off for Peddler's Village for lunch instead. We got down around Nocamixon and decided to lunch at the Ship Inn in Milford, NJ instead. Joining us for lunch was Jim & Karen, Jim, Pete and Jane, Steve and I. I led them through some cool Buck's County roads to get there. I had a nice ride home in the MINI. 


PS for those that don't get the reference 

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