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Roger Gindin <rag67@...>

Larry, what time are you going to leave? Anything I can do to help? Can I follow you? What day is it?

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From: Larry Macy <lmacy@...>
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 11:35:03 -0400
To: Philly MG Club<Philly_MG_Club@...>
Subject: [Philly_MG_Club] Spring TR vs MG Rallye


Sorry for the late notice on the starting point. The start will be from the Pathmark parking lot at 3691 Route 378
Bethlehem, PA 18015-5432

Drivers meeting 9:30, first car off at 10AM.

Also in the parking lot is a Radio Shack and Regal Cinema.



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