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Ryan Kubanoff


Like I said I used:

Walt Downs
Clarke St
Spotswood, NJ
732 251-3758

for seats as have a other club members. 


Hope all is well and happy new year.

Ryan and Annie kubanoff



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I was given a nice present by my wife this Christmas...  She gave me a certificate to "get my car painted".

I currently have my car painted  British Racing Green (1965).   I want to keep it the same.

The car was supposedly in the past 2 years  by the "shady" dealer I bought the car from- but if it was, it was a low level paint job or an "overspray".  I never saw the "before", but don't love the after.

I know that the car does NOT need any body work.   I saw pictures of it stripped bare, and have been told the body is patch free by Motorcar garage.

It is solid and rust free - all it needs is a sanding for prep.

The reason I don't think that he actually put a paint job on the car, is because it scratches at the touch... almost as if the paint was never cured or set properly.  The paint seems "soft".

So...   I do not want to break the bank with this paint job, I am not planning on entering a concours any time soon, and I consider this car to be a "nice driver".

My goal is:

  • To paint it so that it removes the scrapes and scratches on the car that have accumulated over the past 2 years.
  • Make for a more durable - more forgiving surface for the car - one that doesn't look scuffed if I happen to lean on it.
  • Not spend so much money that I am going to "baby" it.

I realize that a Maaco job can be done on the car cheaply (and understand some members have done this) however I don't know what to look for and what to avoid.

Does anyone have any ideas on where to take the car and "ball park" prices for the job?

Thanks in advance for this information.


PS.   I am also planning on having the seats rebuilt over the winter too.  any thoughts?

Rich Williamson

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