emergency plea for help for pet food

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Dear Club Members who will be attending the Annual Octagonal Holiday Lunch this Saturday,
Please read the message below from June Hixson and consider bringing something for the pets this Holiday Season. See you Saturday. 
Steve Harding
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Hi friends,,,,,I have known these people for almost 20 years. They are dedicated animal lovers, good people, and are doing something wonderful here. Sometimes we forget that when families are struggling financially, their pets will be effected as well. Can you help with a donation of food? ANY amount will be help. Bill and I will deliver our collective donation to the drop site on December 19th. Please read below. Thanks. June

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Old Mother Hubbard went to her cup board to get her poor dog a bone,But when she got that there her cupboard was bare And so her poor dog had none and neither did her cat and she gave what food she had to her pets who love her  unconditionally. 
This is an emergency according to our local social workers who have been in touch with our members My friends, the local  food pantries have nothing to give the people for their pets.   Recent suppliers have all but stopped  so it leaves it up to us. December 19th at our training site  we will be open and staffed (sorry no dogs training that day)   from 12-6 to accept non  opened  non expired donations  of cat and dog food.   Cat food is  especially  needed.   Smaller portions are best so we can reach as many as possible.   Please forward  this to as many as possible.  If you don't want to send food you can send me the money and I will go buy the food for you.     We will be able to get tax receipts for you if your donation is very large .  Linda Morrin Training Director Lower Bucks Dog Training Club.215-493-12018746 New Falls RdLevittown,  PA  19054      

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