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He should rebuild the 67. That was the best year engines were built. In 68 they started adding smog crap etc and weakened the crank and bearings. 


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Subject: Looking to find home for good 67B engine and locate good 71-80B engine
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 08:38:28 -0400

Steve (AKA: Fellow MGB enthusiast),


Two years ago, when my 76B engines started making ‘strange noises” I bought a used engine from a reputable source who assured me that when it was removed from a 67B, it ran great. My engine finally died and when I began the project of swapping the 67 engine for mine, I discovered that the swap is no easy job. To make the swap I will need to address   the following incompatibilities:

-          the pilot bushing  in the flywheel where the transmission shaft engages (too small),  

-          replace the engine back plate which is incompatible and modify the starter position

-          position of the motor mounts will not line up

-          oil filter configuration is different



Bottom line- I am better off trying to locate an engine from a 71 through 80 and find someone who needs the 67 engine. Once I make the swap, I intend to take my time to rebuild my original engine while enjoying driving the car.


If you could spread the word through your club and network to identify if anyone is in need of a good running 67B engine and/or anyone who has a decent engine from a 71 through 80B, I would really appreciate it. I live just outside of Philadelphia.

Thanks and all the best,

Bud Yanak


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