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Bill Hixson <MGBV6T5@...>

Hi Gang,
I'd like to personally thank all the Club Members that made the effort and took the time to help make our 13th Annual "Brit's at the Village"
Car Show a success, despite the poor weather we encountered. Our final total hit 103 Paid registrations, I am not sure of the no. of no shows. But that's still money in the bank! I personally had a lot of nice show comments about the show and I think that people really do look forward to coming back each year!

Buy the way there was only one person who answered the puzzle correctly!

The Answer was: B R I T S A T T H E V I L L A G E

Many of you know that I had sold my 72B and have had no running MGB for 3 summers now.
Well I'd like to take the time now to thank some of the people that have personally gone out of their way to get me back on the road in my recently restored (4 Years) 79 MGB/V6T5. Not in any special order but thanks to: Steve Harding for forming a MG Intervention with, Mark Johnson, Bob Caprio, George Burton. who just showed up ready to work for a couple days. A special thanks to John Davis for being "Johnny on the spot" when needed. John might think he lives a little to close to me now! And finally I must thank my wife, June who has given me more support and understanding than a guy (MG NUT) deserves.

Thank You ALL!

79 MGB/V6T5

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