Lord of the Manor

Rich Williamson

It's Thursday,

The weather looks "OK ish" for Saturday for Lord of the Manor....

So who is going?

Tracey and I are 90% going as long as it is not going to be a downpour. The occasional scattered "shower" - not thunderstorm sounds like it's alright and still doable.

We are in the Plymouth meeting area, so we would probably start out going up the North east extension (overdrive works fine).

I haven't mapped it out yet, but think that we would get off at the latest by Jim Thorpe (although would like to get off sooner, and will consult the maps to see if we can get around the mountains any other way).

I was considering leaving around 7:30am and stopping in Jim Thorpe for Coffee / car rest for 30 minutes, then continuing onward to make it in the 9:30-10:30 window when the even starts.

My car has no problem with highway speeds for an hour, but have not pushed it longer than that amount of time yet, but don't feel that that is much fun anyway.


Anyone want to "convoy" along?

I know Annie & Ryan were thinking about coming along with us... anyone else?

Where would you like to meet?

My home # is 610-828-5850

Cell# 610-639-4166

Tracey's Cell 610-639-4167

Work e-mail rich@...

that's about it


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