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Attached is the St. Louis MG Club Newsletter that was sent to me by my friend Rick in North Carolina.. Some interesting reading that I thought you would enjoy. This seems to be a very structured club, they publish their Meeting Minutes, yikes - can you believe that!!!!!!




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Folks, I hate to forward these newsletters cause occasionally I "lift" an article or 2 for our own newsletter. But thinking abt it, it would be better for every one to see what is going on in other clubs nationwide. Maybe these newsletters will inspire us to push away from the table at Wise Guys and spend a little more time together on the road or in a tech session.


I'll be forwarding various club newsletters* as they arrive here. hope you enjoy them.




* if you are getting an interestintg newsletter, share it with the club!


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Hi All Exchange Group,

Here's the June newsletter from STL. Hope everyone's out getting some miles on their car. Just over 3 weeks until I start heading West to MG2009 in Breckenridge, going to be great!

Joe K

I think you have a master list of exchange list editors. If you could send that to me it would help as I get my list ready and start to prepare my hand over to a new editor for us by the end of the year.



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