Re: MG Club Drive - “A Tour of Bucks & Montgomery County” - Sunday, March 19 at 10:30 AM -- RSVP Please!

Kevin McLemore

The Phila MG Club held their Road Ramble today, driving through the back-roads of Montgomery & Bucks counties. It was chilly, but very clear and dry, so it made for a fun ride for all. We stopped at a 3/4 point to enjoy the views at Peace Valley Park, and to allow an additional member to join us for the rest of the drive. Along the way we saw cows, horses, geese, a donkey, a covered bridge, the Pearl S. Buck historic site, and loads of lovely farms & farmhouses. We had two MGBs, one Midget, two MGAs, a MINI and an Acura on the ride, with a total of 11 folks participating. The informal 'after ramble survey' seemed to say everyone had a great time. Certainly lunch at the Historic Piper Tavern was a big hit... the food was absolutely scrumptious... although I do regret not having ordered a Bloody Mary like **8** other MG club members did!    Join us for the next drive, if you missed this one.  There are more photos on Facebook, but here are a couple:

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