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Lester Weinraub



Thank you for arranging this zoom call with John Twist.  It was informative even though I know longer have my MGB.




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Hello Fellow PMGC Members!


Thanks to all who were able to participate in the John Twist ZOOM last evening either in-person or in the comfort of their home.


Kimber Festival



Gord Whatley, the organizer of the Kimber Festival provided an overview of this event (APR 28-29) and invited PMGC members to exhibit their “pride and joy” at the event.  The MGs can arrive FR and depart SU at the Simeone Museum.


If you would like to display your car you can contact Ed Cooke (Abingdon Spares) :




If you need assistance getting your car to the Simeone Museum you can contact me.




It was my understanding the flea market is SA only the Simeone in the afternoon and at the hotel early evening.


More info 



John Twist - MG Electrical System



John shared his MG knowledge, expertise and experience on the topic of the MG electrical system.


Lots of “DOs” and “DONTs” were covered and experiences shared.  PMGC members were smiling, nodding and shaking their heads!


Please be sure to visit John’s website which is full of valuable information.  Also take him up on his invitation to call him directly if you have any questions or problems with your MG.  John also said you could e-mail him if you wanted to receive a .pdf of the electrical diagram for your specific MG.


    John Twist




Our own Mark McDowell brought with him his Advance Auto-Wire notebook containing over 30 wiring diagrams for various MG variants.  


You can check with Mark or go directly to the Advance Auto-Wire website to download.  Triumph diagrams are also available.






Roger Williams 



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