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Roger Searle

Thanks Jim.

I'm considering restomoding an early (Series 1) B.  And part of my interest is do these early Bs have anti-roll/sway bars.

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You might also research Fab-tech and Dave Headley an MGB Specialist.

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In my first reply on the first question You posted I miss understood anti roll bar. My knowledge of that it is called ant sway bar not anti roll bar.
They come in several sizes. They definitely make a difference the thicker they are. If you really want to change the handling, put one on the front and the back. 
I put a 1” bar on the front of my MGC and a 3/4” bar on the rear. If they had done that at production the MGC would not have gotten the bad press at it’s introduction.
They are not difficult to install if you have the car on a lift. I replaced my 74.5 BGT’s to front sway bar to 3/4” and lowered the front with shorter coil springs (about 1 coil) and used the Moss 1” lowering kit. Really transforms the cornering.

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Question #1.  Do early (mid-60s) Bs have anti-roll bars?  If not, does anyone have experience with the difficulty and improvement of adding one to these models?

Question #2.  Does anyone have experience with lowering a late model (1978) B.  I'm interested to know if it is difficult and worth it?

Happy New Year

Roger Searle

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