Re: Simeone Automotive Foundation Museum Best of Britain show

Steve Perlman

I am in Ambler near Mondauk Park so Warrington is just great for me.  I would do two cars provided they were both the same day.  We can find out what the earliest delivery time is and be there with the 1st one when they open the doors.  Then I can do it again for a second if necessary.


PS. I can grab Mark Trailer

On Mon, Dec 5, 2022 at 10:27 AM Ken Samen <krsamen@...> wrote:
Steve,  your option looks that work for some.  How many (if more than one) trips/cars would you be open to?

All,   It looks like we have at least 4 club cars going at this point. Hopefully there are more.

I have no idea if there is away compile the clubs needs as a whole.

I will start with the information I think would be needed to consider if we can work together as a group to get to and from the museum (or if this will be a every MG for itself task):
Car#1, Type 1977 MG Midget, Owner Ken Samen, Home Location Warrington 18914 PA (32 miles one way to museum per google).


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