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Bonnie & Mike Asbury

Hello all. We’re new to the group, but I will give a thumbs up to the UHaul auto transport Steve mentioned. We bought our 1980 MGB in September in Toms River, NJ and rented the transport to bring it back to Chester County. I was a little concerned that it would fit on the ramps at first (!) (and you do have to have it lined up properly), but it drove right on and was secured in short order. Back in January 1996 when my husband finished his military service and we were moving back to the area from Kansas, we towed a 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider behind a UHaul truck. The transport then had a wider ramp that turned into a backstop (for lack of a better word). I was surprised that the transport we rented in September didn’t have that (even though you are still securing it in the same fashion) and so I was constantly watching the side mirrors during the 2 hour drive, especially on the turnpike, to ensure the MG was staying where it should have! All was well and it was incredibly secure.


For my taste, I would have preferred the same transport that we had before, but I’m not sure they offer that one any longer as I could not find it on their website. However, for a trip from the outskirts of Philly to where Simeone is, the current one will definitely do the trick.


Congratulations to all who were selected! That’s very exciting!!

Enjoy the weekend!



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I got one little pickup truck. LOL

So if someone is taking me up on my offer let me know.

Have a good night.




On Fri, Dec 2, 2022 at 1:45 PM Ira Spector <spectors4@...> wrote:

My 1969 MGA Coupe was also selected.


Is anyone interested in putting together a group deal for flatbed delivery of their car?


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 Thank you all.


FYI, mu 1973 MG Midget was also selected to be shown!




Happy holidays!





On Dec 2, 2022, at 12:09 PM, Kevin McLemore <kmclemore@...> wrote:


Excellent news, and congratulations! I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful experience. 


The Simeone asked to have my 1949 Triumph Renown as part of their February show in 2014 and it was great fun. Make sure they let you keep the placard - it makes a great addition to your car’s memorabilia. They usually just scrap them unless you ask for it. 





As to getting it there, I was fortunate that the weather was clear (albeit cold!) so I just drove it to/from the museum.




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 Congratulations to Bill and Ken for having their MG selected for inclusion at the Simeone show. 



On Dec 2, 2022, at 11:50 AM, Bill Hoffner <weh@...> wrote:

I’m a fellow member of the Philly MG Car Club and I was notified yesterday, my 1958 MGA was also accepted at Simeone.


More importantly I share your concern over February road conditions. I am researching transport options as I will no longer drive my fully restored MGA in snow or ice.

If I come up with some good options, I’d be happy to pass the information along.

Bill Hoffner 
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My 1977 MG Midget was chosen (after I submitted it) to part be part of the “Best of Britain” at the  Simeone Automotive Foundation Museum.

I submitted it after seeing it being promoted on the Philadelphia MG Car Club Facebook page.

As of current date, the show will be Saturday, February 11th to Sunday, February 19th, 2023.

It sounds corny, but I am truly honored to be representing the MG brand, the Midget model, the rubber bumper years, the Midget and Sprite Club of UK and the Philadelphia MG Car Club…. within the walls of the Simeone Automotive Foundation Museum.


As of now, I plan to get the car there (32 miles away) either by just driving it or uhauling it to and from the museum.

I am just worried about the time of the year, road conditions and salt.

Should I even consider paying someone to transport it? Even though the car is in great condition, priceless to me, it is a rubber bumper Midget an worth 7$ to 9$ thousand on a good day.





Are any other Philadelphia MG Car Club members/cars part of the show?


Ken Samen 




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