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Daniel Commale


I received a quote from Sports Car Tire in Wilmington, Delaware. They gave me a quote of $700 to recondition the 4 wheels and mount new tires. This included making sure the wheels were “true“. They also sandblast and powder coat the wheels.

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Dan Commale
1977 MGB

On Thursday, August 25, 2022, 11:53 AM, Roger Searle via <searlerb@...> wrote:

Just need the hub cap and Reverend Mark has one.

Thanks Ryan.  Roger

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I and a few others took our wheels to Bonehead performance. The blasted my wheels for a believe $60 each but if you bring it to them or call them they are very helpful and will give you a price per wheel. Also RPM in Morrisville will remove the tires and remount them for $15 each.
On 08/25/2022 11:42 AM Jeff Detwiler via <nsp7919@...> wrote:

I’ve been offered a couple of Rostyle wheels (ref photo). What would be a fair offer?
I am unsure whether they will clean up for a DIY paint job or will they need to be sandblasted and primed (ie. more cost) as to whether they’re worth it.
Has anyone sandblasted a set of wheels recently and what did that cost?

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