Re: 78 MGB Charcoal Canisters and the some.....

Jeff Detwiler

Weber Carb port for Canister hose.jpg
Thanks Pastor Mark,

First, WOW, I don't think my Weber ever looked that clean
even right out of the box..... Of course, it's been on for 30+ years.

So, now I know the connection, I suspect there is a fitting of some 
sort that accepts the hose to the manifold.  I will need to get that.
In the meantime, I still need to track down a Vapor Separator and 
rear Vapor tube to assemble the entire run.

Thanks so very much for taking the time to snap some photos and 
help guide me back to a Gas-Free Boot.

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First picture shows location of line that goes over to charcoal canister with carburetor in place.

Second picture shows location of hose placement for a Weber I have on the bench.


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