Re: 78 MGB Charcoal Canisters and the some.....

Jeff Detwiler

Hi Pastor Mark,
Very Nice.
I see the obligatory Fire Extinguisher is in place as well.
I am amazed (and curious) why the metal tube from the Vapor Separator (along the trunk hinge) is such a long run. I do not remember that from the old days and the Moss catalog diagrams do not appear to be such a long run. But, as long as it works, why question.
Unfortunately, I did not find that tube nor my original Vapor Separator in my attic today.

I see your one Charcoal canister has an open port. That port connects to my Anti-Run-On valve which still installed, whereas yours is not.

However, I can not tell where your hose connects to the Weber carb.
Mine has a little manifold under the air cleaner 
and guess that might be the spot.
Unfortunately, mine looks as if it has a press-fit plug in it, if that is supposed to be an open port (ref 2 new photos attached).Inline image

Inline image

Thanks again for all your efforts.
I look forward to taking a peek at one of our next GT’s or July event.
Until then, Cheers,

On Monday, June 27, 2022, 2:38 PM, Rev. Mark McDowell via <marksmcd@...> wrote:

Here are some pictures of the setup I have.

The first picture shows the line coming up from the tank to the vapor recovery canister. The second and third show the metal loop that is on the inside top of the trunk (boot) and where it leads down to run under the car. The fourth picture shows the vapor line from the Weber carb to the charcoal canisters. The fifth shows the charcoal canisters and where the line comes up from under the chassis. The bottom of the left charcoal canister had a tube that ran to the anti run-on valve which is useless with the Weber.
You will note that I have also removed the windshield washer fluid reservoir and pump in addition to the anti run-on valve and associated tubing. If you would like any of that I have it on a shelf in the garage (it was all fully functional at the time of removal).
Let me know if you have any questions that I may be able to answer.


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