78 MGB Charcoal Canisters and the some.....

Jeff Detwiler

Hi All,

First, a very appreciative Thank You to all with your vast expertise albeit personal 
experience or where to find answers and resources of knowledge regarding our unique LBC's.
I was up until the wee hours last night thumbing thru posts-upon-posts on mgexp.com
intrigued by the number of ideas (and folks who have been down this path before me).
I had never thought to go surfing there - Thanks Pastor Mark for your input as well
as others with photos from your MG or past repairs.

One tenet thru all of my reading that caught my attention was to not just jump to the 
easiest or cheapest solution right-away.  Some threads suggested "why not just restore 
the original Vent system?"  Hmmm - that sounds like a lot of effort, especially if it was
removed for a very good reason a long time ago by someone more of a mechanic than I.

Yes, here is where I have to digress for a moment since success does have it's mini rewards.
Well, Mary and I got the MG out early this morning and we took a drive up River Road 
thru New Hope and had breakfast at the Lumberville General Store.  
The MG once again ran like a top (Yippie!).
We got home and I opened up the (boot) for a look see - perfectly dry (Whew!)
Gas tank was also down 1/4 after a 55 mile RT.  So, I am currently clear of the tank 
being too full for the time being.
Next, I popped open the engine (i.e. bonnet) and started to refresh myself with all of 
the original Emissions elements I had been reading about last night.

I knew some bits were still there, but "if it ain't broken - don't fix it".
So, for many years I have mostly overlooked many of these component parts since 
they have not been my main headache nor needed my attention (I thought).
Surprisingly, I found more there than I truly thought would have helped me if I were
to possibly tackle the idea of maybe why not "restore the original Vent system".

With all the mgexp.com and Moss motors diagrams and a few snapshots (see attached),
I believe I have 90% still in place to possibly make the "Vent system" whole.
As you will see I need to figure out where a few pieces go.
So once again, I could use a little help, maybe a photo from yours if similar to get 
me in the right neighborhood.

In particular, since I have a Weber downdraft Carb set-up, I am not sure from the 
Moss diagrams where (Hose #62) goes after it leaves the ARO valve.
I remember (Hose #64) went to the front radiator bulkhead for fresh air, I believe.
Unfortunately, I do not know without crawling thru my attic (probably 105* today) if
I still have the original (Vapor Separator #76) nor the undercarriage tube (Tube #83).
Bad news too, Moss sez these are (Unavailable)....... Hmmmm
Boy, I hope they are in the attice.

Otherwise, I think I can regain the original "Vent system" if I can find the few missing bits
and understand where to connect the Anti-Run-On hose once I track down the AWOL pieces.
As before, any suggestions, ideas or comments are all Welcome, I'm all ears (and thumbs.....)

Thanks again for your quick a valuable support,
Jeff (and The Furry Jedi)

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