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Kevin McLemore

Sorry. Things are a bit of a muddle and I likely got confused. 

Jan and I were on a camping trip with our scouts this weekend and in the middle of that we got a call that her 97 yo mom had fallen and broken her hip. Jan had to bug out and I had to pop her on an airplane for Kalamazoo. Then I had to return to the encampment because we needed enough leaders there… So our weekend has been a blur. 


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You were typing to Jeff, for the

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There was indeed a line from that fitting up to a vapor recovery tank which then routed out to the charcoal canisters in the engine compartment. Since it sounds as though the recovery tank was removed, the fitting to the tank needs to be capped. The issue however is that was also a pressure relief for the tank due to temperature changes. The most common solution is to drill a small hole in the gas cap on the side so that you don't see it and so you know longer vent into the trunk space.

I believe there is a thread about venting the gas cap on

Hope this helps.


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Hi Kevin,

I attached a .pdf file with a few photos of the fuel tube to the original message.
At this point, should it simply be capped?

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Jim, without seeing what you’re talking about, my guess is that you’re talking about the tube that’s supposed to go from the the tank vent to the carbon (charcoal) emissions  canister… which in your case is now missing and was never properly plugged. 


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Hi All,

I could use a little sage mechanic advice.
It's been a long time since I really did much of my own wrench-turning.

I was out today for Cars & Coffee in Skippack.
Thanks, Noel, for setting it up.
It was a good flight test and my MG ran like a top (no complaints).

Ah, actually, maybe one, it's getting to that time of the year when high 90's
are not much FUN sitting in traffic at red lights (if you know what I mean)?
FYI - not a C&C complaint, just Mother Nature.....

Anyway, after Cars & Coffee, I schlepped over to Towamencin for some family 
business.  On my route home I was going to drive me right past "The Landing" 
retirement campus where I was told there would be a Community Car Show 
and picnic for the residents and local neighborhood.

So, I pulled in to take a peek, but was ushered to a parking spot.  Oh No!!
As usual for many of these car events without a British focus, I was the only 
British car among the American and Muscle Hod Rods.  But it was nice to chat 
with a few old-timers who either stopped to tell me how they had a MG (or Triumph, 
Healey, etc) in their day. Or many simply appreciated how tiny the car was compared
to all of the other bigger Hot Rods nearby or just the "pretty" color.
I too am still tickled about the 1978 Pagent Blue Abingdon used that year.

Anyway, I'm a little off from needing Mechanic advice as yet.
So, I drive home in the hot of the day and all is well (75 mile RT).
I stop at my local gas station to fill-up and proceed home, pull into the driveway
and begin to unload and few items.  I open the rear trunk lid (i.e. boot) and smell fuel.

I pull a few items out to dig deeper and discover and few puddles of fuel laying in the 
trunk well.  When I filled-up I did top the tank but not to overflowing the cap onto the 
rear bumper.  My first thought was my fuel tube from filler to trunk deck is leaking or
the wire clamp needs to be tightened (doesn't appear to be).  Then I spied a little metal
tube and nut emerging up from the trunk deck that appears to have simply been sawed off.

Looking at the Moss motors diagrams I seem to remember some Emissions equipment may 
have been back there originally.  I know my Emissions Air Pump and may bits and pieces were
removed back in the 80's.  My guess is this could have been this way for a long time as it 
appears on the diagrams to go to a Vapor Separator which also is not currently installed.

So is this little cut-off tube acting as a Vent?
Could I have over-filled the fuel tank enough to have been dumping fuel into the trunk?
Could this be why during the winter months went the car seldom goes anywhere I 
every-so-often get a whiff of gas in the trunk?
Should I plug/cap this or does it need to be there, is there some other correction I may need to consider?
I'm not the greatest wrench-turner these days so you can't crush my ego.

Thanks for any and all input.
Jeff (and The Furry Jedi)

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