Put-In-Bay Races

Kevin McLemore

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I mentioned this at tonight's meeting, but I though I'd spread the word here as well, so everyone has the opportunity.

The Put-In-Bay Races were one of the earliest sports car races in America, held on a small island off of Sandusky, Ohio. In the early days, MGs were the mainstay of the races, but of course all manner of sports cars competed, navigating a race that ran around the main roads of the island, and through the village. Think Isle of Mann races and you'll have the idea. Anyway, they still run the races, but these days they close the small airport and run them there. However, as a part of each year's activities they also allow the sports cars to also run the original course around the island, and it's an absolute blast - Jan and I went last year with the Turner Sports Cars reunion crowd and it was bags of fun - Turners and Saab were the featured marques for last year's race. The whole island was awash with 1950's and 60's sports cars, many quite rare. And the airport racing is pure nostalgia, with full-on racing of these classic sports cars.

Well, this year the featured marques are MG and Triumph! We plan to take our MG TD up and enjoy the festivities, but we'd love to go along with some of our PGMC friends. Dates and such are on the poster below. Lodging is in one of the many quaint B&Bs on the island, and access to the island is by ferry, and the ferry can carry campers as well.  If you're interest in going, drop me a line at kmclemore @ hotmail.com and I can fill you in on all the details. You'll love it!

Here are some vintage photos of the race from the 1950's...

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