Re: MGB Rubber Clutch and Brake Pedals Pad

Roger Searle

Thanks Kevin.  Works for me.

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Well, I don't have the pedal pads in stock, but like you, I also need something from Moss that I've been avoiding ordering because of shipping. It's part number 903-764... see below link:

If you want, you can order your pads and my item and I'll split the shipping cost with you - that should put you at the minimum. I suggest ordering through Little British Car Co, though ( ) to get their discount - they're great folks to work with, too.


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Hello All,

Does anyone have one of these you will sell me?  They are $1.39 at Moss but they have a $10 min. before shipping.  I don't need another $8.61 of stuff plus whatever the shipping would be.  North West has very high shipping cost.


Roger Searle 
1978 MGB (original owner)

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