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Kevin McLemore

Nice gift! And yes, that's a heck of a treatise.... and yet with all that, NO mention of MOWOG!  Harumph. 😉


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Hello British Car People !

My son gifted me this reproduction sign for Christmas - 


So ... I did some research.  Turns out this is a dealer sign.  I was not sure of the time period and what cars were sold under this logo.   

So ... I posted a new topic on my Mini forum and someone provided this site (Austin Rover - AROnline) which contains a “treasure trove” of info regarding the cars we love.

This particular page contains a history of the logos used by the various companies such as BL, BMC ... too many to list them all here.

Turns out my dealer sign is from the mid-late 70’s when BLMC was renamed British Leyland Limited.

Do not view this site unless to have lots of time to kill.  I have been on for an hour and have just touched the surface!

Happy Holidays to all.

Roger Williams
1966 Austin Cooper S

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