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Kristi Liebel

Good Morning one and all,

I hope this email finds you all well - I am ready for the warmer weather thats for sure!  These nice days have been such a tease - I can’t believe we are in the 30’s again 🤦‍♀️.  Anyway I have been asked to forward the below email.  This email is from a former member of the DVT who now lives in Ireland.  Check it out and if you can join virtually I know he would love to “see” you!

Stay safe and Safety Fast,


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“It is good to have an end to a journey … But it is the journey that matters in the end.”  ~ Ursula K. Leguin

Hi fellow MG Enthusiast, 

You may remember me from the 2010 MG National Meet in Valley Forge conducting a Tech Session - UK Motoring History Tour Planning Guide, and as a local member of Delaware Valley Triumphs who's first British car was a 71 MGB.  Today, I'm reporting live, from Dublin Ireland where I now live, about an upcoming UK Classic Car show that you too can attend, for free, and without having to fly overnight to London, take a bus to Birmingham, Covid sequester in a hotel for 2 weeks at your own expense, and pay your $30 entrance fee.  Importantly, you won't have to then walk your dogs to the bone in the five giant halls of the National Exhibition Center (NEC), as I have done almost annually for the past 22 years.

This year, the Practical Classics Classic Cars and Restoration Show, one of which I have never attended but heard many positive things about, is online and free to attend.  Practical Classics is a fantastic magazine if you like to restore, upgrade, or just to maintain your cars; look for opportunities to read it.  Danny Hopkins is a brilliant Editor and Commentator, you will enjoy his Hosting.  I did watch the Lancaster Insurance NEC Classic Motor Show in November online, and while it only gave you a taste of the experience, you do have a proper sense of the things you can experience when attending one of these NEC Car Shows in England.  The NEC Show online had that sense of home video, podcast, and TV show combined.  Obviously there is some 'commercialization' behind each video, but let's face it, most of these show exhibitors hope to make a little money.  The Car Clubs that exhibit have a different objective, connecting with members, provide visitors with a sense of Marque Appreciation, and to find future members.  It's a little tough to Autojumble online, but, finding products and services you need but couldn't find is definitely possible.

Importantly, and this is why I was late for a recent Philly Zoom meeting, we don't change our clocks over here until the 28th, therefore we are only 4 hours ahead of NJ, not the usual 5. 

So if Saturday, March 27th has some open time in your busy life, subtract 4 from the hour on the schedule, and that is your time to login and connect.  If I remember correctly, you may even be able to timeshift viewing the episodes.

Suggestion: If you can, make sure you attend this one (11:15am Philly Time), for a purer sense of what it is like to attend this show in person in the non-Covid era.
3.15pm  Resto Show Remembered   A brief look back at the past eight years of the Practical Classics Classic Cars & Restoration Show

See you all when we can fly 'whenever/whereve'r again, and at the shows.

Mark "Haybale" Bulwicz
Delaware Valley Triumphs
UK Motoring History Tour presenter
Freelance UK Motoring History Journalist

Reporting live from Dublin Ireland

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