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Rev. Mark McDowell

Hello all,

Looking forward to hosting you all at my house next Tuesday. For those of you who came last time I just want to clarify that this time we will be meeting at my house and not at the church.

If the weather takes a turn we are able to meet inside with plenty of space at the Carriage House at the church.

For those of you who are able to come earlier, I would appreciate the help with diagnosing issues with my 1979 MGB. I believe it to be a problem with the distributor and/or timing. I indicated to Lambert that I had the original ZS carb setup, not to indicate a problem with that, but rather so that folks would know that we would be dealing with a bone stock engine setup.

If anyone has specialty timing tools or other instruments that might be helpful in diagnosing I would appreciate it.

If anyone has any questions or issues with getting here, my phone number is 609-477-8466.

The address should come right up on Google maps:
1545 Huntington Road Abington PA 19001


Mark McDowell

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Hi Mark....I won't be able to make the Club meeting this month at your house (great gesture - thanks much) but I do have a lot of experience with ZS carbs....if you'd like to tell me the symptoms, maybe I can suggest a few things to look for.

Oh....update on my MGB brake line issues (referring to our correspondence in June below) ....all is well - I got a new line from Moss (took awhile - back ordered), fitted it, bled the system - all is well.  Since then, I've replaced the front disk rotors, wheel bearings and races, calipers and pads....not terribly expensive and I've got lots of time thanks to the virus.

Hope you all have good weather for the meeting.


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If it's any help to you, I have a brand new left rear brake line (with flares and fittings) that I ordered from Moss. I only needed the one for the right rear.

it's yours (for free) if you would like to come and get it in Abington Pennsylvania.

Mark McDowell

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Nice thought!

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Oh, and another thought... if you want to apply heat safely, how about a soldering iron? 


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I'll be there....hopefully in the MGB if I can get the tube nut free on the rear brake line fitting....I replaced the rubber brake flex line between the rear axle and steel tubing fitting but I still can't free up the nut from the tubing....going to try more PB Blaster soak again today....can't use heat because rubber fuel line is right there!  I guess last resort is to replace the fuel line....nothing like brake fluid running down your arm when it's in the 90's and humid....


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Luncheon meet: June 19, 2020  arrive 12 noon to 12:30
Brothers Kirshner Brewing Company
4119  West Skippack Pike Skippack PA. 19473
Phone: 610-222-2739
Order lunch ahead of time from: Skippack Italian Market
4101 W. Skippack Pike 610-584-4050         #they will deliver to Kirshner’s
or bring from another vendor of your choice.
Drive your British car or whatever and enjoy time with our club.
Please bring a mask to wear. Bathrooms are available and free parking is off street on blacktop between Kirshner’s and Italian Market within sight.
Check respective web sites for menu and other questions you may have.
Please RSVP by Thursday June 18 at or before 8 pm so I can inform Kirshner’s of numbers.
My cell is 215-8zero two-19seventy four. Text is fine
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