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Roger Searle

Thanks Larry.

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Whew, it has been a very long time since I was looking at a ZS carb. I threw mine away and put a downdraft weber on my midget. However, I seem to recall, the idle adjustment is under the plastic cap on the side of the dashpot. It only has so much adjustment, then disassembly/reassembly is required. I hope I am remembering this thing correctly.

The Weber is much easier to adjust and maintain. If the ZS has bad wear, it can be rebuilt, but at the same cost as switching to the Weber. 

Good luck.



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Hi All,

Does anyone have information on increasing the idle on the ZS carb. in my 1978 B?  It has an automactic/thermostatic choke.  It was repaired by a mechanic late last year and worked fine in the cold weather.  Now that it's warmer the thermotstat depresses the idle too low.



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