What are you doing while you are in quarantine?

Rich Williamson

Here's a picture of my MGB... cleaning up the leather and restuffing the seats.

One problem... I neglected to use a heat gun when I attempted to install a brand new rubber diaphragm.

I used clamps as suggested elsewhere to stretch the rubber far enough to hook in.

Just as I was pulling the last one in to place, the metal hook pulled out of the rubber diaphragm.

This would be irritating, but not a disaster if I could get a new part.

With Moss and Victoria British not shipping, does anyone know where I can buy this part (1965 MGB)???

I would be happy to patronize a smaller company that may have it on the shelf and is shipping due to the fact that they are a small business.

Anyway... let's see some pictures of what you are working on right now...


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