For the sake of sanity!

Rich Williamson

For sanity, I am taking breaks from my computer every now and then.
I have parts and “to do” projects that have not been completed or started for almost 2 years.
So… now is a great time to catch up.
I removed the seats from my 1965 MGB, and am re-stuffing them while home due to this nightmare.
Switching the covers from driver to passenger side will be done too, since the driver leather is more worn than the passenger leather due to me often driving it solo.
I am also fixing my wiper fluid “squirter” that is essentially a water pistol.
If anyone has worked on them before, let me know what the story is regarding check valves and where they live.
I have found that when I profile the line, it works great, but if i put it in the bottle, it seems to push back and eventually not squirt.
I also took the door panel apart and fixed the speaker that was hanging off the door.  I now no longer need to slowly and gently close my door for fear of the speaker falling out.
I am sure I will find other projects to do soon.
Anyone else using the time to do the projects that you have put off for some time?

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