Free hideaway antenna to any club member

Rich Williamson

I recently bought a hide-away antenna for a new classic vehicle I am buying.
Long story short, I am now going to go Bluetooth only in that vehicle.

Thus... I have no need for the "Custom Autosound Amplified Electronic AM/FM Universal Hide-Away Antenna".... long product name.

It allows you to put an antenna in your classic car (or any car) without having to mount a mast antenna.  Some people like this look, because it keeps the car looking "clean".

It is also amplified, which means you can pull in stations from further away, and experience clearer reception than a regular antenna.

It cost me $37.00 plus shipping, however I am willing to give it to any club member at the next meeting.  Free of charge.

See it here:

Perhaps you buy me a beer (that you would have anyway, because I am such a great guy ;). Seriously, it is free, and no strings attached.


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