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I asked Union Jack’s and King’s Corner to get in touch with you regarding having a private space for us.

See what they say…


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Hi all,

A couple of things I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of:

1) For some reason our reminder notices are not coming out for the GT - I wanted to remind everyone that our GT will again be at Phil’s Tavern in Blue Bell (our old meeting location).

2) I (if I did this correctly) will be sending out a poll, under a separate email, with 4 options for a new GT location.  I also have a powerpoint presentation that was created by Ryan with pictures of each of these locations, which I can forward (it is to big to send with this email).   Ryan’s criteria for these places were the following:

  • a place with decent isolated parking
  • private or segregated place to meet
  • bright lighting
  • good food at decent prices
  • quick and good service
  • centrally located or within usual area
  • place for presentations or technology to help

The 4 places that Ryan checked out were Phil’s Tavern in Blue Bell, Brittingham's Pub in Layfayette Hill, MaGerks Pub & Grill in Horsham and Bar Louie in Warrington.  I am asking that all votes be in by 4/8 (as early on the 8th as possible) because we are having our quarterly Board Meeting.  If anyone has any questions about these locations please do not hesitate to ask. 

I look forward to seeing lots and lots of voting!

Safety Fast,


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