Event coming up

Rich Williamson

I just received this. Several of us went last year. I am going to go, but i think I may cheap out and simply attend as a spectator... i have zero chance of winning in a concours style event.


Greetings British Car lover,

There are just two and a half weeks left for early registration for the 2013 Cars and Motorcycles of England show. Early registration helps us to plan the show field, and saves you 5 bucks.

The show is really shaping up with the following marques already registered: Aston Martin, Bentley, Berkeley, Jaguar, Lotus, MG, Mini, and Triumph. We are hoping to see your car in the field again this year. The registration form can be downloaded at http://www.dvtr.org/flyers/CMoE_2013_Flyer.pdf

This beautiful spring weather is perfect for our cars; I hope you are enjoying it.
Joe Lynn
CMoE Registrar

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